Genetic testing: An Effective Tool for Decoding the Cancer!

Being told you or your loved one have cancer is frightening and stressful. We're here to help.

Knowing your cancer's genetic makeup can help you and your physician choose the best course of action for your cancer treatment, putting you one step closer to overcoming the disease and maintaining your long-term health.

Genetic testing and cancer genes

According to data from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), in the year 2020 there were 0.18 million newly diagnosed cases, 0.11 million cancer deaths, and 0.32 million prevalent cases (5 years) in Pakistan.

1- For healthy people with a family history of cancer, receiving the appropriate genetic test at the right time helps in early detection and risk prevention measures.

2- People who already have cancer can find FDA-approved treatment options that help to increase their overall survival rate.

1 in 8 patients

Possesses a cancer gene with a pathogenic mutation that has been passed down through their family.

Following genetic testing, one-third of individuals with high-risk pathogenic mutations may benefit from more specialized cancer care.

How testing works

Step 1
Request a test. Our genetic counselling team will offer pre-test counselling & Get the Informed consent signed by the patient or care giver.
Step 2
Collection of samples from the comfort of your home. Our logistics will arrange the collection & shipping to the testing lab.
Step 3
You & your physician will receive the results online within the standard Turnaround time.

Find the right test

Langene Bio offers the tests that can tell you if you have a higher risk of developing cancer or what can be the best therapeutic options for you if already have a cancer.