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About Langene Bio

At Langene, we use the latest advancements in genetics and biotechnology to empower people to make informed decisions about their health. We truly believe that understanding genetics and staying informed of cutting-edge biotechnology developments has the power to revolutionise healthcare, improve lives, and redefine possibilities for a significant number of people.


Our genetic reports and testing experts advice on possible next steps based on current medical guidelines.
Guide medical management, treatment for your patients.
Obstetrics and gynecology
Gain actionable insights at every stage, from planing to pregnancy
Identifying patients at risk of inherited cardiac disorders

Genetic testing in three easy steps

Step 1
Request a test. Our genetic counselling team will offer pre-test counselling & Get the Informed consent signed by the patient or care giver.
Step 2
Collection of samples from the comfort of your home. Our logistics will arrange the collection & shipping to the testing lab.
Step 3
You & your physician will receive the results online within the standard Turnaround time.

Let's get started

Interested in talking with Langene Bio about genetic testing in more detail? Schedule a 5 min call. If you are a patient, please email us at clientservices@langene.com.